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  • Calculation of Bolt Ball

    更新時間:2021-03-04 10:13:54?點擊:3809 ? Grid Knowledge

    In the grid design drawing, the bolt ball processing detailed drawing is generally shown in Figure 2, which is a general flat bolt ball grid ball processing drawing, which respectively represents the angular position of the grid chord and web and the size of the corresponding bolt hole. The cross of the chords is orthogonal, and the positions of the webs are controlled by two sets of angles, one is the intersection angle between the horizontal projection position of the webs and the chord, and the other is the intersection angle between the webs and the projection plane.

    The bolt ball can be calculated according to the grid size and grid thickness provided by the grid design drawing.
    Significance of bolt ball calculation:
         1. Check whether the bolt ball processing drawing provided by the design drawing is accurate.
         2. Provide bolt ball processing drawing lofting for processing and guide processing.
         3. It can manually calculate whether there is a fight phenomenon in the rod.
         4. When there is an angle between the grid chord and the support, it provides guidance for the processing factory to weld the support and the support rib.

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